I looked for many years to find a way to organize the ideas I have.  It was a fight trying to get my ideas on paper or in this program or that program.  Only to not have access to the information I wanted when I wanted it and in a format that I could use quickly.

I heard about the Mind Map programs and tried one and just could not get it organized the way I wanted so I gave up but a few years later I came across XMind and have been using it ever since.

The way I organize the data in my mind map changes.  I continually revamp my system.  I currently have several tabs.  I use the “2 Year” tab the most where I have the next two years broken down by month so that I can set goals two years out and see them quickly at a glance.  I actually have ten years on this tab but the other years only contain larger goals. for each year and not specific tasks to help achieve these goals.

The other two tabs I use regularly are Businesses and Goals.  These are large overview tabs that I find helpful.  If you need to organize your thoughts then I do recommend giving this free program a try.

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