The Tablet

I recently got my first tablet.  My daughter has had a Kindle Fire for a few years but I have never had my own until now.  My concern was usage.  I did not want to purchase a device that I did not use.  This tablet was free so it is not the best and fastest (or the one I would have purchased for myself).  I have put most of the apps that I use on my phone on the tablet.  The big ones – Feedly and ToDoist – have really been great.  The larger screen has really helped be skim articles quicker and see a larger list of ToDoist items.  I may not be more productive but it feels like I am.

One of the apps I am hoping to get more use out of is Logos.  I use this on my computers for Bible study and research but think I might be able to transition to reading the Bible on the tablet instead of my Kindle.  This will allow my notes to be all in the one program – Logos.

Now I just need to think upon new apps for productivity improvements.

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