Web Development

If your business has not made the leap onto the information highway, Juxtapose Inc can help make the jump less frightening. With economic payment packages, Juxtapose Inc is the choice for businesses that want to create an Internet presence, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

web hosting: If your business depends upon the continued operation of Internet-based applications, downtime is unacceptable. Juxtapose Inc ensures client systems are expertly maintained to achieve maximum up time and efficiency.

web development: From initial consultations to the last stages before the official launch everything is taken into consideration so that we can help you design the most efficient, robust, and financially viable solutions for your existing or planned Internet presence.

web maintenance: Make your Internet presence worry free with: daily onsite and offsite database backup, domain name services, bandwidth planning, system administration and hardware configuration, and 24/7 monitoring.

web marketing: How many people are visiting your site? How did they get to your site? What key words did they search with?  These questions and more need to be addressed so that your site can be optimized not only for search engines but for your customers visiting the site.  We can work with you using tools to optimize, anaylize, and test different pages to find out how to convert more visitors into customers.