Computers & Networks

Your employees aren’t productive when their computers are broken, right? At Juxtapose Inc we understand that and our hours of operation prove it! From 7:30am to 5:30pm M-F and other by appointment, Juxtapose Inc can solve your computer crisis before you open or after you close.

hardware and software support: From hardware and software troubleshooting to repair and installation Juxtapose Inc can solve all your computer support needs.

networking: Whether peer to peer or client/server, Juxtapose Inc can help you design the most efficient network for your home or business. Running cable and configuring workstations is just the beginning of the networking services we can provide you or your business.

training: At Juxtapose Inc, we provide software training on the most popular software programs like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook as well as others. We provide individualized training at our location or yours.

security: Juxtapose Inc can review your hardware and software settings and recommend the optimal configuration to prevent security problems such as viruses and unauthorized activity in your home or office computer systems. We cannot of course guarantee that no hacker will penetrate your system, but we can guarantee that they will have a harder time getting through so they will more than likely choose to go elsewhere.