Do Note!

Well I talked about IFTTT a few weeks back and recently they added new features – Do Note, Do Button, Do Camera.  At first I thought Do Button would be the one I used but then I found a few Do Note recipes.  The first one was quickly creating a ToDoist task.  I added it and thought I might use it but then I found one to quickly create a calendar event.

Yes, it does not seem that exciting at first but I tried it and I got an event on my calendar in seconds.  Then I realized that there was the wonderful microphone icon on the screen.  I said “meeting tomorrow at 1” and pushed the button.  Calendar event was created.

I created a lot of events after that to play around.  If I said “meeting Wednesday at 1pm” it would put the event on the previous Wednesday instead of the one in the future.  But I could say the actual date and it would put it on the correct date.  Super cool!

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