What have I used Cortana for?  Playing music.  I say “Play XYZ by ABC” and she plays it for me.  I should probably look for more advanced things this can do for me.

The Edge

I have a site that doesn’t work properly in Google Chrome so I have to use IE.  Well Microsoft is moving to replace IE with Edge.  I actually wanted to try it a few months back but I could not.

Now I have upgraded to Windows 10 and here comes Edge.  I like what little I have been able to use it but it will not replace my Google Chrome any time soon.  New stuff is always so much fun to play with.

Windows 10

I finally broke down this week and downloaded Windows 10.  I usually like to upgrade sooner but I just didn’t make myself do it until this past weekend.  At first the upgrade failed with no good error indicating why but after a reboot the upgrade began.

It was painless and the only thing I had to load was a video card driver.  I spent a little bit of time trying to familiarize myself with the new look and where everything is but I know the real understanding only comes with time.  I like it so far.  I am interested in using the Cortana feature.  We shall see how this new Windows does.

Self Driving Cars

Where is mine?  I want a car that drives me around.  Actually I probably just want a service that picks me up on demand, drives me where I need to go, and returns me for one small fee per month.  I could give up my car payment, auto insurance, maintenance, and probably more.  Giving up all those costs the fee would not have to be that small to make it a good investment.  The TCO on a car has to be less than the monthly fee they would charge.

And since many of our appointments are predetermined, you could have it all organized.  You wouldn’t have to pick up your kids from dance or sports, just schedule the car to pick them up.

What a deal.