Android Studio

We have developed an Android App and another for the iOS.  I had to do the Android App and originally used Eclipse.  I was slightly familiar with Eclipse because my son and I had looked at the Minecraft code about two years back.  We had thought about developing a Minecraft Mod but it turned out to be a bit more than we were willing to do at the time.

Fast forward a year and we looked at developing an app but my son wasn’t that into it because he didn’t have a phone that would run Android apps at the time.  So here we are in near present time looking at it again.  Now Google has their own SDK for app development – Android Studio.

We jumped right in.  The first tutorial was good.  It allowed us to take input from the user and return it back to them on the screen.  I think we will modify it slightly.  Then we may publish it so he can have it on his phone and show his friends.  I think that will be pretty cool for him and maybe a first step towards something larger.


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