Juxtapose Inc was founded by Kara Coussou Baker, Paul M. Baker, and Bryant H. Hester in the early fall of 2001. The three founders realized that together, their vast array of knowledge was unparalleled in the computer technology field, and so Juxtapose Inc was created. But creating a name was not so easy. The founders discussed several versions of an initial based call sign, but none seemed to fit the personality or intent of this venture. Then out popped juxtapose – meaning to place side by side, specifically unexpected combination of colors, shapes or ideas – and, along with the tagline – Placing technology and you side by side, Juxtapose Inc came to be. Juxtapose Inc was incorporated in November 2001 for the purpose of serving the technology needs of the Golden Triangle and now as of 2009 for Southwest Louisiana areas as well.